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Identity Crisis

Have you ever become the identity of someone else? Or the identity that someone else established for you? Think about it. When someone gives you a nickname, a title, a label, or a name that you would answer to other than your Given Birth Name or Governmental Name. If the answer is yes; YOU ARE NOT WEARING YOUR TRUE IDENTITY.

Why is it such a challenge for people to comprehend that they are in an identity crisis? Most people do not accept themselves out of fear of peers or opinions of peers; most people do not know who they are because someone has always told them who they are or they do not have a parental tree to connect with. Some people have not risen from toxic relationships, trauma, mental health challenges, and emotional challenges that serve as blocker to awaken one’s true identity.

Working collaborative as a social worker and a life coach in the field of social/human services for over 15 years, I have witnessed a sufficient number of women and men repeating a cycle of stagnation for lack identity. Think about this, if you cannot put your finger on yourself and confidently profess your name and identity, your character – good and bad without shame or guilt; how can you confidently be going through life making informed decisions and believing in yourself for a brighter future? Or knowing who you are?

People who are challenged with their identity frequently desire to have the approval of peers or someone with clout. Therefore, the need of someone’s approval will also cause a person to downplay self, place his/her dreams and ambitions to the back for others, and give, give, give to others until they themselves have nothing.

To those of you reading this, I am here to inform you that being you is the best gift you can give to yourself, to the world, to your family and friends and to your frenemies.

Learning yourself as you evolve through your stages of life is Wonderful. It is evolution that cannot be manipulated by others. Yes, the journey process of life is ugly and beautiful. The ugliness of life is the pain, heartache, ups and downs, and those hard places. The beauty of life is You, your elevation mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Guess what? You will be different from others. You are different from others. How? Your mental elevation, your growth to explore things for the first or second time, your life lessons that will mold and color you differently from others. There is noting wrong with being unique. To you reading this, I can guarantee you that internally you always held an “I don’t fit in spirit”. You do not fit in because your identity pattern does not fit into the world pattern. Let me remind you true fashion is not the patterns and colors that everyone can wear. True Fashion is patterns and colors that everyone can not wear. Because you can not be duplicated for anyone to be like you. I encourage you to strip yourself from names other than your Given Birth Name. Maintain an unwavering spirit by not allowing the pressure of others to change your heart or mind of who you are. Be unapologetic about who you are and growing to be as long as you are not bringing harm to others. Accept your past as your history but allow your history to tell your story and hold the wisdom gained from the lessons of life.

Your true identity is within yourselves. I encourage each of you to accept your imperfection to grow, build, and learn yourself. Not to remain in bondage and caged with the identity giving by peers. I want each of you reading this to know, you are Divinely Included For Future Endeavors Releasing of Natural Truth. You are DIFFERENT!!!! Now own who you are, operate in your authentic identity and conquer your future.

-Coach Peggy Marie

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